Climate Change, The Trillion Dollar Heist


4 Apr 2014

Contrary to major media reports, the Arctic & Antarctic ice sheets have seen record growth year after year. After blatantly lying to the public in the face of hard science, so called “experts” are now calling for a “crackdown” on climate change skeptics who dare to question the “consensus” that man made global warming is not man made. Not only do they seek to tax us at every turn in the name of global warming, now too they seek to silence anyone who disagrees.

Watch the report file don YouTube here…

In the face of many real environmental threats such as genetic modification which damages our DNA, extreme over-fishing and toxic waste dumping, the environmental movement has been hijacked in the name of Al Gore carbon taxes. In fact the single greatest threat to humanity across the ages is despotism and democide, but don’t expect the government to tax itself anytime soon.


Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came…




by Robert Browning


  1. My first thought was, he lied in every word,
    That hoary cripple, with malicious eye
    Askance to watch the working of his lie
    On mine, and mouth scarce able to afford
    Suppression of the glee, that pursed and scored
    Its edge, at one more victim gained thereby.
  2. What else should he be set for, with his staff?
    What, save to waylay with his lies, ensnare
    All travellers who might find him posted there,
    And ask the road? I guessed what skull-like laugh
    Would break, what crutch ‘gin write my epitaph
    For pastime in the dusty thoroughfare,
  3. If at his council I should turn aside
    Into that ominous tract which, all agree,
    Hides the Dark Tower. Yet acquiescingly
    I did turn as he pointed: neither pride
    Nor hope rekindling at the end descried,
    So much as gladness that some end might be.
  4. For, what with my whole world-wide wandering,
    What with my search drawn out through years, my hope
    Dwindled into a ghost not fit to cope
    With that obstreperous joy success would bring, -
    I hardly tried now to rebuke the spring
    My heart made, finding failure in its scope.
  5. As when a sick man very near to death
    Seems dead indeed, and feels begin and end
    The tears and takes the farewell of each friend,
    And hears one bid the other go, draw breath
    Freelier outside, (‘since all is o’er,’ he saith,
    ‘And the blow fallen no grieving can amend’;)
  6. While some discuss if near the other graves
    Be room enough for this, and when a day
    Suits best for carrying the corpse away,
    With care about the banners, scarves and staves:
    And still the man hears all, and only craves
    He may not shame such tender love and stay.
  7. Thus, I had so long suffered in this quest,
    Heard failure prophesied so oft, been writ
    So many times among ‘The Band’ – to wit,
    The knights who to the Dark Tower’s search addressed Their steps – that just to fail as they, seemed best,
    And all the doubt was now – should I be fit?
  8. So, quiet as despair, I turned from him,
    That hateful cripple, out of his highway
    Into the path he pointed. All the day
    Had been a dreary one at best, and dim
    Was settling to its close, yet shot one grim
    Red leer to see the plain catch its estray.
  9. For mark! no sooner was I fairly found
    Pledged to the plain, after a pace or two,
    Than, pausing to throw backward a last view
    O’er the safe road, ’twas gone; grey plain all round:
    Nothing but plain to the horizon’s bound.
    I might go on; naught else remained to do.
  10. So, on I went. I think I never saw
    Such starved ignoble nature; nothing throve:
    For flowers – as well expect a cedar grove!
    But cockle, spurge, according to their law
    Might propagate their kind, with none to awe,
    You’d think: a burr had been a treasure-trove.
  11. No! penury, inertness and grimace,
    In some strange sort, were the land’s portion. ‘See
    Or shut your eyes,’ said Nature peevishly,
    ‘It nothing skills: I cannot help my case:
    ‘Tis the Last Judgement’s fire must cure this place,
    Calcine its clods and set my prisoners free.’
  12. If there pushed any ragged thistle-stalk
    Above its mates, the head was chopped; the bents
    Were jealous else. What made those holes and rents
    In the dock’s harsh swarth leaves, bruised as to balk
    All hope of greeness? ’tis a brute must walk
    Pushing their life out, with a brute’s intents.
  13. As for the grass, it grew as scant as hair
    In leprosy; thin dry blades pricked the mud
    Which underneath looked kneaded up with blood.
    One stiff blind horse, his every bone a-stare,
    Stood stupefied, however he came there:
    Thrust out past service from the devil’s stud!
  14. Alive? he might be dead for aught I know,
    With that red gaunt and colloped neck a-strain,
    And shut eyes underneath the rusty mane;
    Seldom went such grotesqueness with such woe;
    I never saw a brute I hated so;
    He must be wicked to deserve such pain.
  15. I shut my eyes and turned them on my heart.
    As a man calls for wine before he fights,
    I asked one draught of earlier, happier sights,
    Ere fitly I could hope to play my part.
    Think first, fight afterwards – this soldier’s art:
    One taste of the old time sets all to rights.
  16. Not it! I fancied Cuthbert’s reddening face
    Beneath its garniture of curly gold,
    Dear fellow, till I almost felt him fold
    An arm in mine to fix me to the place,
    That way he used. Alas, one night’s disgrace!
    Out went my heart’s new fire and left it cold.
  17. Giles then, the soul of honour – there he stands
    Frank as ten years ago when knighted first.
    What honest man should dare (he said) he durst.
    Good – but the scene shifts – faugh! what hangman-hands
    Pin to his breast a parchment? His own bands
    Read it. Poor traitor, spit upon and curst!
  18. Better this present than a past like that;
    Back therefore to my darkening path again!
    No sound, no sight as far as eye could strain.
    Will the night send a howlet or a bat?
    I asked: when something on the dismal flat
    Came to arrest my thoughts and change their train.
  19. A sudden little river crossed my path
    As unexpected as a serpent comes.
    No sluggish tide congenial to the glooms;
    This, as it frothed by, might have been a bath
    For the fiend’s glowing hoof – to see the wrath
    Of its black eddy bespate with flakes and spumes.
  20. So petty yet so spiteful! All along,
    Low scrubby alders kneeled down over it;
    Drenched willows flung them headlong in a fit
    Of mute despair, a suicidal throng:
    The river which had done them all the wrong,
    Whate’er that was, rolled by, deterred no whit.
  21. Which, while I forded, – good saints, how I feared
    To set my foot upon a dead man’s cheek,
    Each step, or feel the spear I thrust to seek
    For hollows, tangled in his hair or beard!
    - It may have been a water-rat I speared,
    But, ugh! it sounded like a baby’s shriek.
  22. Glad was I when I reached the other bank.
    Now for a better country. Vain presage!
    Who were the strugglers, what war did they wage,
    Whose savage trample thus could pad the dank
    Soil to a plash? Toads in a poisoned tank,
    Or wild cats in a red-hot iron cage -
  23. The fight must so have seemed in that fell cirque.
    What penned them there, with all the plain to choose?
    No foot-print leading to that horrid mews,
    None out of it. Mad brewage set to work
    Their brains, no doubt, like galley-slaves the Turk
    Pits for his pastime, Christians against Jews.
  24. And more than that – a furlong on – why, there!
    What bad use was that engine for, that wheel,
    Or brake, not wheel – that harrow fit to reel
    Men’s bodies out like silk? with all the air
    Of Tophet’s tool, on earth left unaware,
    Or brought to sharpen its rusty teeth of steel.
  25. Then came a bit of stubbed ground, once a wood,
    Next a marsh, it would seem, and now mere earth
    Desperate and done with; (so a fool finds mirth,
    Makes a thing and then mars it, till his mood
    Changes and off he goes!) within a rood -
    Bog, clay and rubble, sand and stark black dearth.
  26. Now blotches rankling, coloured gay and grim,
    Now patches where some leanness of the soil’s
    Broke into moss or substances like boils;
    Then came some palsied oak, a cleft in him
    Like a distorted mouth that splits its rim
    Gaping at death, and dies while it recoils.
  27. And just as far as ever from the end!
    Naught in the distance but the evening, naught
    To point my footstep further! At the thought,
    A great black bird, Apollyon’s bosom-friend,
    Sailed past, not beat his wide wing dragon-penned
    That brushed my cap – perchance the guide I sought.
  28. For, looking up, aware I somehow grew,
    ‘Spite of the dusk, the plain had given place
    All round to mountains – with such name to grace
    Mere ugly heights and heaps now stolen in view.
    How thus they had surprised me, – solve it, you!
    How to get from then was no clearer case.
  29. Yet half I seemed to recognise some trick
    Of mischief happened to me, God knows when -
    In a bad dream perhaps. Here ended, the,
    Progress this way. When, in the very nick
    Of giving up, one time more, came a click
    As when a trap shuts – you’re inside the den!
  30. Burningly it came on me all at once,
    This was the place! those two hills on the right,
    Crouched like two bulls locked horn in horn in fight;
    While to the left, a tall scalped mountain…Dunce,
    Dotard, a-dozing at the very nonce,
    After a life spent training for the sight!
  31. What in the midst lay but the Tower itself?
    The round squat turret, blind as the fool’s heart,
    Built of brown stone, without a counterpart
    In the whole world. The tempest’s mocking elf
    Points to the shipman thus the unseen shelf
    He strikes on, only when the timbers start.
  32. Not see? because of night perhaps? – why, day
    Came back again for that! before it left,
    The dying sunset kindled through a cleft:
    The hills, like giants at a hunting, lay,
    Chin upon hand, to see the game at bay, -
    ‘Now stab and end the creature – to the heft!’
  33. Not hear? when noise was everywhere! it tolled
    Increasing like a bell. Names in my ears
    Of all the lost adventurers my peers, -
    How such a one was strong, and such was bold,
    And such was fortunate, yet each of old
    Lost, lost! one moment knelled the woe of years.
  34. There they stood, ranged along the hill-sides, met
    To view the last of me, a living frame
    For one more picture! in a sheet of flame
    I saw them and I knew them all. And yet
    Dauntless the slug-horn to my lips I set,
    And blew. ‘Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came.’


Michael Lewis Explains How the Stock Market Is Rigged





April 2, 2014

Dick Durbin said the Banksters own the place…  and they also own Congress.


Watch the report filed on YouTube here…


USA Today: Is a 1987-type Market Crash 37 Days Away?





Matt Krantz
USA Today

April 2, 2014

Image: Vimeo

Investors marveling at the striking similarities of the bull market today to the one that ended in 1987 are hoping history doesn’t repeat itself.


If it does, the market could be in some serious trouble in 37 trading days. In 37 trading days, the ongoing bull market would be 1,311 trading days old, says Jim Paulsen of Wells Capital Management. That is a scary date because it was on the 1,311 trading day after the start of the 1982 bull market that the Standard & Poor’s 500 suffered its biggest one-day crash in history on Oct. 19, 1987. That crash snuffed out what had been a powerful market rally starting in 1982.

Normally these kinds of things are just market oddities. But investors are taking this one seriously since there are such strong similarities with the 1982 bull market and the one the market is currently in. For instance, the current bull run has marked a 175% rally from the low, which is where the 1982 bull was at this point in its run, Paulsen says.


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U.S. Navy Sending Destroyer to Black Sea to Support Ukraine


April 2, 2014


The U.S. Navy is sending a destroyer into the Black Sea in the coming days as a symbolic gesture of support for Ukraine and other allies in the region, according to two senior defense officials.


The USS Donald Cook, a guided missile destroyer based in Rota, Spain, and will travel to the Black Sea “in the next week or so,” according to one senior defense official.


The ship will take part in to-be-scheduled exercises with allies in the region — most likely pass exercises, where ships from different nations pass one another while at sea — and the Donald Cook will make several to-be-scheduled port calls.

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Soylent Green Is Made Out Of People




Warning – THIS will likely shock you to the core, but it is nevertheless truth – and we all need to be aware of what is happening to humanity – and more importantly who these Eugenicist’s are ??

But then ask yourself, is this the society that you want to live in?

Watch this shocking video report posted to YouTube here…




IPCC’s doom-and-gloom global warming apocalypse is political theater, not real science





Mike Adams
Natural News

April 1, 2014

The IPCC has just released its latest “Apocalypse Now” report(1), threatening all humankind with imminent self-destruction if industrial output of CO2 is not immediately and drastically curbed. The UN global government report concludes that global warming is “severe, pervasive and irreversible,” a position which seems to be little more than a foregone death sentence for the human race, even if drastic changes are made right now.

Image: UN Building (Wiki Commons).

As head of a research laboratory myself — I was the first scientist to discover industrial tungsten contamination in superfoods – I share the overall concern about humankind’s impact on the global ecosystem. Yet an intelligent look at the IPCC’s report reveals it to be based on selective, cherry-picked science, the wild exaggeration of Earth’s historical cycles, a bizarre ignorance of plant physiology and how CO2 helps restore deserts to farmlands, and the willful ignoring of far greater threats to humankind such as GMO pollution, heavy metals contamination and the resource extraction model driving our entire global economy.

The IPCC’s doom-and-gloom report, in other words, looks like theater, not science. As part of that theater, the National Science Foundation actually awarded $700,000 for the production of what’s being called “Climate Change: The Musical!” (2)

And it’s theater being put on for a specific purpose: to frighten the world’s populations and national leaders into surrendering to global dictatorial control over national economies. If nations can be swept into a system where all forms of economic activity are tightly controlled by global dictators — including transportation, industry, agriculture and even cow ranching — then all power has been usurped by the globalists.

Remember: the IPCC is not saying, “we should all act locally to reduce CO2 emissions” as responsible citizens and communities. No, the IPCC is functioning as a propaganda branch of the UN, which is saying something far more sinister: “Put us in control of your national economies, where we decide how much CO2 you are ALLOWED to emit” (and pay us taxes, to boot!).

That’s a very different proposition, and it smacks of a dictatorial power grab using junk science as a weapon of extreme fear to bring the population in line.

The UN goal is to enslave humanity under a system of dictatorial control

The goal of the global warming alarmists is not to save humanity but to enslave it. And accomplishing this task requires some truly mind-bending warped science interwoven with social engineering fear tactics. In effect, the IPCC function a lot like a terrorist organization because it spreads fear and terror in order to achieve its political goals. (Look it up, that’s the definition of a terrorist.)

There’s also a whole lot of dishonest social engineering taking place in the global push for UN domination of all world economies. Global warming believers, for example, have resorted to using the term “climate denialists” against anyone who doesn’t agree with their distorted science. The very phrase is intellectually dishonest, as it implies that certain people don’t believe in the existence of the climate at all.

It’s kind of like if I say that water contains unlimited free energy, but you express skepticism about water as free energy, so then I call you a “water denialist” as if you don’t even believe in the existence of water. That’s the kind of deceptive linguistics now being pushed by global warming dictators-to-be.

With each passing day, the whole global warming scheme feels more and more like a “shove it down your throat” mandate, much like Obamacare which tried to shove high-priced health insurance down all our throats. If you thought Obamacare was bad, just wait until the UN rolls out “Climate Care” and forces you to pay a monthly fee for breathing, farting and driving, all of which release greenhouse gases. Do them all at the same time — if you are so coordinated — and you get triple-taxed!

Plant use of CO2 utterly ignored by IPCC

When carbon dioxide levels rise in the atmosphere, plant life explodes to tap into that CO2 and convert it into oxygen and other byproducts of plant metabolism. This is why higher CO2 levels will result in massive global reforestation of former deserts and arid areas. There will be a global explosion of crop yields and an abundance of food for everyone.

Want proof? CO2 generators are routinely installed in greenhouses to accelerate plant growth and increase food production. The higher the CO2 in the greenhouse air, the more rapidly the plants grow and produce food. This is a scientific fact that even the IPCC can’t make go away.

In fact, here’s an advertisement for a greenhouse CO2 generator which enables “maximum growing potential” and “increases production.”

Yes, higher CO2 levels increase food production precisely because most food-producing crops are constantly starved for CO2.

Yet the IPCC, in its doom-and-gloom report, claims that higher CO2 levels will reduce food production and cause global food shortages. It says there is “Risk of food insecurity linked to warming, drought, and precipitation variability, particularly for poorer populations.”

As you might have already noticed, every flood, drought, rain storm, cold spell, hot day, cold day and gentle breeze gets automatically attributed to “global warming” almost as if the Earth never had any weather at all until global warming became a concern. If the sun comes up tomorrow, it must be because of global warming! And if it’s a cloudy day, that’s global warming, too! There were no weather extremes on our planet, we are foolishly led to believe, before the age of modern industry.

Wishy washy science

This “weather blame game” is of course pronounced to be “scientific” and therefore irrefutable. But where is the science, really? Weather events are extraordinarily complex, requiring vast supercomputers running 24/7 in order to make laughably bad predictions for the evening news weather report. Climate data is so wishy washy that a person can cherry pick almost any “science” they want out of the data.

Using one particular point of view on the data, I could “scientifically prove” that darkness causes ice, or that sunlight destroys food crops. With enough historical data, almost anyone could carve out supporting data for any theory imaginable: when trees wave, it causes the wind to blow!

Climate science is so poorly understood that anyone calling global warming “conclusive” is kidding themselves. It’s no more conclusive than the loony idea that life exists nowhere else in the universe except on planet Earth, and we know that because Earth is the only place where we’ve found life. An absence of refuting data does not conclusive prove the truth of the limited set of data you’ve chosen to consider.


Total alarm over global warming, total silence on GMOs

Thank goodness US Secretary of State John Kerry has cleared everything up for us with his scientific brilliance, saying the costs of inaction would be “catastrophic,” adding:

Unless we act dramatically and quickly, science tells us our climate and our way of life are literally in jeopardy. Denial of the science is malpractice. (3)

But denial, of course, is exactly how the White House handles the issue of genetic pollution from GMO crops. It’s how Obama deals with the issue of GMO labelling, mercury in dental amalgams, mercury in vaccines or even the toxicity of aspartame (which has recently been linked to increased death risk in women). Denial is the entire philosophy of the federal government when it comes to the national debt, too. And a collapse into economic ruin is likely to be far more catastrophic than rising CO2 levels — but they keep on spending us into oblivion anyway, in total denial of economic reality. Will Kerry now admit this is “economic malpractice?”

When it comes to real science, the White House is practically the Ministry of Denial! All the other threats to human life — the GMO food supply, toxic medicines, toxic pesticides and toxic industry — are routinely ignored by default. Global warming is magically selected for scrutiny only because it serves the power centralization goals of global power brokers, not because people like John Kerry or Barack Obama suddenly feel irresistible urges to act in the long-term interests of humankind and the ecosystem.

If they really felt that humanity needed to be saved from catastrophic collapse, they would protect the power grid from solar flares, for starters. They would outlaw genetically engineered seeds to help prevent catastrophic genetic pollution and “ecocide” collapse. They might even outlaw toxic cancer-causing chemicals in the food supply like sodium nitrite, found in nearly all processed meats.

Any claim that world leaders have suddenly become incredibly concerned about the future of humankind if pure, laughable theatre. Whether there’s real science backing global warming or not, politicians have no interest in the real science anyway. All they are interested in is concentrating their power over humanity, and if an invocation of scary-sounding global warming can help them crush freedom and seize control over world economies, then that’s their game plan!

Their call to “save humanity” is just a ploy for control. It’s not a true spiritual calling for these people. If it were, they would be warning about all the other threats to humanity that conflict with the profits of big business (such as genetically modified seeds and mercury in vaccines).

Sources for this article include
(1)… (2)… (3)…


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The Federal Reserve Has No Integrity





Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler

April 1, 2014

As we documented in previous articles, the gold price is driven down in the paper futures market by naked short selling by the Fed’s dependent bullion banks. Some people have a hard time accepting this fact even though it is known that the big banks have manipulated the LIBOR (London Interbank Overnight Rate – London’s equivalent of the Fed Funds rate) interest rate and the twice-daily London gold price fix.

Image: Federal Reserve (Wiki Commons).

Almost every week it is possible to illustrate the appearance of a large number of contracts shorting gold at times of day when trading is thin. The short-selling triggers stop-loss orders and margin calls and hammers down the gold price.

The Fed has resorted to this practice in order to protect the value of the US dollar from Quantitative Easing.

In order for the Fed to effectively support the reserve status of the U.S. dollar by pushing it higher when it starts to drop, the Fed has also to prevent the price of gold from rising. Intervention in the gold market has been occurring for a long time. However, in the last several years the intervention has become blatant and desperate, as rising concerns about the dollar are causing countries such as China and Russia to accumulate fewer dollars and more gold.

During the month of March the Fed and the big banks implemented aggressive intervention against the rising price of gold and the plunging value of the U.S. dollar. Events in Ukraine may have stimulated demand for physical gold and selling of the U.S. dollar, but it was mainly further erosion of the U.S. economy, as reflected in more deterioration of economic data released during March, that pushed gold up and the dollar down.

The dollar index is a “basket” of currencies used to measure the relative value of the U.S. dollar. The largest components of this basket are the euro and the yen (it also includes the British pound, Canadian dollar, Swedish krona and Swiss franc). During February and March, the dollar started to decline in response to increasingly negative U.S. economic reports, continued Fed money printing (QE) and the Ukraine crisis.

On the last day of February, the dollar index dropped below 80. The 80 level is a key technical trading level and if the dollar were to stay below this benchmark for an extended period of time, large holders of dollars would start selling their dollar holdings out of fear that the dollar would be headed even lower. The Fed and the U.S. Treasury needed to do something in order to force the dollar index back over 80.

As part of its intervention in the currency market to get the dollar back over 80, the Fed also needed to stop gold from rising back over $1400, which it was on the verge of doing by the middle of March. Just like 80 is key level, below which technical selling of the dollar kicks in, $1425 is another key level for gold for which large buy and short-covering orders would be triggered. In other words, to support any manipulated move higher in the dollar, the Fed needed to intervene in the gold market to force the price of gold lower. The graphs below illustrate the key points of dollar/gold intervention during March.



As we reported previously, the Fed, using its agent banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, intervenes in the gold market by “bombing” the market with a large quantity of Comex gold future contracts. This typically occurs at periods of time when the market is very quiet and trading is at a lull. These engineered market interventions are now commonly referred to as “mini-flash crashes.”

As the dollar was consolidating its trading range below 80 and the price of gold was headed toward $1400, flash crashes started occurring more frequently and with more intensity. During the first week of March, gold was getting ready to shoot through the $1350 level and the Fed used two distinct flash crashes to contain gold below $1350 (first two red circles on the graph).

During the week of March 10th, the price of gold started moving quickly higher toward the $1400 level, as the Ukraine crisis was front and center in the news and investors moved money into the safe-haven of gold. The Fed used several mini-flash crashes in an attempt to contain the move. The red circles on the gold graph show the points in time in which the Comex gold futures market was “bombed” with contracts in order to slow down the upward momentum that the price of gold was gaining in the first half of March.

Then early in the morning on March 17th, with the tension subsiding somewhat between the U.S. and Russia after Crimea voted to join Russia and war didn’t break out, the Fed and its agent banks went to work on manipulating the price of gold lower and forcing the U.S. dollar higher . The red arrows on the gold graph show where the Fed dropped gold future “bombs” on the gold market in order to force the price of gold lower. The huge bursts of sell-volume almost always occurred during periods of low trading activity.

On March 18th, the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) convened for a two-day meeting, with its policy statement to be released March 19th at 2 p.m. EST. A study of how gold performs during the week in which there is an FOMC meeting showed that, on average, gold drops $37 for that week. This compares to almost no change during the same week during months in which no meeting is held. As you can see, the mini-flash crashes were used to force the price of gold down $72 from top to bottom during the March FOMC meeting week. The dollar graph shows the big spike in the dollar, which took the dollar back over the 80 level right after the FOMC meeting was concluded.

The Fed’s aggressive engineering of the mini-flash crashes continued during the last week of March. The group of red arrows on the right side of the gold graph show points in time Monday (March 24) – Friday (March 28) when there were sudden bursts of high volume selling in the April gold contract. Monday’s flash crash to start the week involved 6,437 contracts dumped onto the Comex right as the Comex gold trading floor opened at 8:20 a.m. For comparison purposes, 855 contracts had traded the minute before the Comex opened. Recall from one of our previous articles that gold gets hit right at the open of the Comex flooor trading session at least 85% of the time. This serves to set a downward momentum for the day’s trading.

Remember, the purpose of Quantitative Easing is to support the balance sheets of a few over-sized banks and to finance the federal budget deficit at an artificially low rate of interest. In other words, QE supports failed banks and federal fiscal irresponsibility. In order to successfully carry off this blatant misuse of public policy, the price of gold, a measure of the dollar’s value, must be suppressed. The Federal Reserve’s lack of integrity speaks volumes about the corruption of the US government.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. His latest book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West is now available.


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Diet Drinks Linked with Heart Disease, Death





Maggie Fox

April 1, 2014

Photo by Svadilfari, via Flickr

Women who drink the most diet sodas may also be more likely to develop heart disease and even to die, according to a new study published Saturday.

Researchers found women who drank two or more diet drinks a day were 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack or other cardiovascular “event,” and 50 percent more likely to die, than women who rarely touch such drinks.

The findings, being presented at a meeting of the American College of Cardiology, don’t suggest that the drinks themselves are killers. But women who toss back too many diet sodas may be trying to make up for unhealthy habits, experts say.

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This Is The Age Of Civil Unrest





Martin Armstrong

March 31, 2014

All governments had better open their eyes for we are on the brink of a major convergence between both the Cycle of Civil Unrest, Civil War & Revolution and International War. Both of these models converge and as I pointed out at the Cycles of War Conference, this is the first time we have seen this convergence since the 1700s.

This is no plain modern event with civil unrest erupting because of an interconnected world. These are grassroots uprisings cross-fertilized perhaps from a world contagion yet they often have similarities – corrupt governments. Turkey, Ukraine, Thailand, Venezuela and Bosnia-Herzegovina are all middle-income democracies with elected leaders besieged by people angry at misgovernment, corruption and economic sclerosis. These days it is no longer just dictators who have something to fear from the crowd. This is the promise of Marxism that centralized planning and false promises are coming home and governments are too corrupt and incompetent to deliver what they have claimed for decades.


Communism is dead. The socialistic agendas that have lined the pockets of government and filled the coffers of banks is over. The national debts are on average composed of 70% interest payments not programs to help the poor as marketed. The debts that keep growing with no intent upon paying anyone back are draining the national productivity and turning the people into economic slaves. The standard of living has declined and it now takes two incomes to survive where one use to be just fine. Women won the right to work and lost the right to stay home.


The promises that you save for the future have collapsed into dust as interest rates have been driven lower making savings utterly worthless. There is no such thing as saving and living off your fixed income. The elderly are being driven back into the work force and the whole ideas that a generation believed in are vanishing before their eyes.

So it is no longer communists and dictators that are the targets. All governments are now the targets and when the economy turns down after 2015.75, the threat of civilization will be pulled apart by the self-interest of politicians clinging to power to the detriment of the people.

Bailouts: A Slap in the Face to the Honest and Productive





Mark Crovelli

March 31, 2014

As the owner of a construction company, I am all too familiar with the concept of insolvency.  Any company that assumes irresponsible risks, makes poor judgments, or that mismanages its cash flow, (in the sense that its current liabilities exceed available cash), is or will shortly be bankrupt.  I’ve seen it all too many times, and I am all too familiar with the negative ramifications of such an event for every other entity doing business with such a company.  I’ve personally been stiffed by insolvent companies more frequently than I care to remember or admit.

While I am familiar with bankruptcy, insolvency and corporate overreach, I am completely unfamiliar with the concept of a “bailout.”  In the real world, where cash flow and debt are irrevocable entries in an accounting ledger, there is no miracle “bailout” waiting in the wings, and there are no angelic figures or agencies waiting to step in to help out the incompetents.  In the world in which I live and work, people who make forecasting or accounting errors are ruthlessly punished by the market.  Those of us who can forecast accurately, satisfy customers, and manage cash flows survive and possibly even prosper, if we work hard enough.  Those who cannot are relegated to bankruptcy or some non-ownership position in a company that shields them from risk and responsibility.  There is no third alternative.

I am thus seriously perplexed and enraged to read about government “bailouts” occurring on a regular basis all over the modern world.  The Ukrainian junta is apparently going to be “bailed out” with money stolen from men like me, because the previous Ukrainian government racked up enough debts to render the entire society insolvent.  Goldman Sachs, GM, and AIG were all effectively “bailed out” because their previous executives were so outstandingly incompetent and corrupt that they rendered their institutions insolvent by orders of magnitude.  The morons at the U.S. Postal Service were once again “bailed out” by the federal government because they are so completely clueless and worthless that they cannot profitably move folded pieces of paper around.   The same holds true for Social Security and Medicare, which are both being rewarded for their insolvency by being “bailed out” with tax money from the U.S. government’s general fund.  The list is almost endless: Citi, Chrysler, Long Term Capital Management, Mexico, Fannie and Freddie, the ECB, Greece, Spain, China’s shadow banks…

What the hell is a “bailout,” other than a reward for incompetence or criminality and a slap in the face (and the wallet!) to honest and responsible people all over the world?  I literally cannot fathom what would occur to my industry if every moron, crook and gambler was gifted underserved money or credit as a reward for his disservice to the global market, yet this is national and even global policy at the moment.  The more criminal or incompetent you are, to more “bailout” money you should expect.

The hideous immorality of government “bailouts” has been obscured by the professional apologists of the state: the academics and the policy wonks.   To a professor of political science or economics, stealing money from honest, hard-working men in order to rewarding crooks and morons is labeled “moral hazard.”  This lofty-sounding word is used as a cover for a massive crime, in the same way that academics use the innocuous sounding term “rent-seeking” to refer to voracious robbery by the political classes.

“Moral hazard” in common English means that it will cause massive problems down the road to reward idiots and criminals for being idiots and criminals.  Duh.  Concealing this obvious truism with the ambiguous term “moral hazard” allows the academic and journalistic classes to endlessly debate whether or not the so-called costs outweigh the so-called benefits, freeing up room for politicians and their cunning advisors to dabble in the practice whenever profitable or convenient.

Meanwhile on Mainstreet, owners of construction companies and landscaping companies warily eye their cash flows in the hope of avoiding insolvency.  Owners of restaurants and bars battle every day to retain and serve their customers and keep their doors open, because they know they lack the political clout to get a “bailout” from the state legislature, the U.S. congress, or the Fed.  And owners of every other imaginable type of company across the country struggle every day to keep afloat in the beautiful and honest part of the economy that is still relatively free.

Their reward for their hard work, thrift and sound business acumen will be to fork over a part of their earning to “bail out” the Ukrainian junta, of all people.  If that doesn’t demonstrate for once and for all that taxation is theft, and that government is nothing but a marauding gang of thieves, then nothing will.  If that doesn’t demonstrate to the American Working Man that he is nothing more than a draft horse for the parasitical political classes, then nothing will.

Think about that tomorrow morning when you get saddled up to earn money, not for yourself or your family, but for the Ukrainian junta and the U.S. Postal Service.


Detroit Police Stand with Citizens Who Are Using Guns for Self-Defense





AWR Hawkins

March 31, 2014

Detroit Police Chief James Craig

With “fatal self-defense shootings on the rise in Detroit,” law-abiding citizens know one thing–Detroit police have their back.

According to The Detroit News, “justified” self-defense shootings in Detroit are hovering around 10 since January 1st.

This is up considerably from 2013, in which “there were 15 justifiable [self-defense shootings] in the city” during the entire year.

And far from criticizing the fact that more and more homeowners are standing up for their lives and property, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said he views this rebirth of self-defense as proof that”more and more Detroiters are becoming empowered.”

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Pushing Toward The Final War





Paul Craig Roberts

March 30, 2014

Does Obama realize that he is leading the US and its puppet states to war with Russia and China, or is Obama being manipulated into this disaster by his neoconservative speech writers and government officials? World War 1 (and World War 2) was the result of the ambitions and mistakes of a very small number of people. Only one head of state was actually involved–the President of France.

In The genesis Of The World War, Harry Elmer Barnes shows that World War 1 was the product of 4 or 5 people. Three stand out: Raymond Poincare`, President of France, Sergei Sazonov, Russian Foreign Minister, and Alexander Izvolski, Russian Ambassador to France. Poincare` wanted Alsace-Lorraine from Germany, and the Russians wanted Istanbul and the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. They realized that their ambitions required a general European war and worked to produce the desired war.

A Franco-Russian Alliance was formed. This alliance became the vehicle for orchestrating the war. The British government, thanks to the incompetence, stupidity, or whatever of its Foreign Minister, Sir Edward Grey, was pulled into the Franco-Russian Alliance. The war was started by Russia’s mobilization. The German Kaiser, Wilhelm II, was blamed for the war despite the fact that he did everything possible to avoid it.

Barnes’ book was published in 1926. His reward for confronting the corrupt court historians with the truth was to be accused of being paid by Germany to write his history. Eighty-six years later historian Christopher Clark in his book, The Sleepwalkers, comes to essentially the same conclusion as Barnes.

In the history I was taught the war was blamed on Germany for challenging British naval supremacy by building too many battleships. The court historians who gave us this tale helped to set up World War 2.

We are again on the road to World War. One hundred years ago the creation of a world war by a few had to be done under the cover of deception. Germany had to be caught off guard. The British had to be manipulated and, of course, people in all the countries involved had to be propagandized and brainwashed.

Today the drive to war is blatantly obvious. The lies are obvious, and the entire West is participating, both media and governments.

The American puppet, Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper, openly lied on Canadian TV that Russian President Putin had invaded Crimea, threatened Ukraine, and was restarting the Cold War. The host of the TV program sat and nodded his head in agreement with these bald-faced lies.

The script that Washington handed to its Canadian puppet has been handed to all of Washington’s puppets, and everywhere in the West the message is the same. “Putin invaded and annexed Crimea, Putin is determined to rebuild the Soviet Empire, Putin must be stopped.”

I hear from many Canadians who are outraged that their elected government represents Washington and not Canadians, but as bad as Harper is, Obama and Fox “News” are worse.

On March 26 I managed to catch a bit of Fox “news.” Murdoch’s propaganda organ was reporting that Putin was restoring the Soviet era practice of exercise. Fox “news” made this report into a threatening and dangerous gesture toward the West. Fox produced an “expert,” whose name I caught as Eric Steckelbeck or something like that. The “expert” declared that Putin was creating “the Hitler youth,” with a view toward rebuilding the Soviet empire.

The extraordinary transparent lie that Russia sent an army into Ukraine and annexed Crimea is now excepted as fact everywhere in the West, even among critics of US policy toward Russia.

Obama, whose government overthrew the democratically elected government in Ukraine and appointed a stooge government that has threatened the Russian provinces of Ukraine, falsely accuses Putin of “invading and annexing” Crimea.

Obama, or his handlers and programmers, are relying on the total historical ignorance of Western peoples. The ignorance and gullibility of Western peoples allows the American neoconservatives to fashion “news” that controls their minds.

Obama recently declared that Washington’s destruction of Iraq–up to one million killed, four million displaced, infrastructure in ruins, sectarian violence exploding, a country in total ruins–is nowhere near as bad as Russia’s acceptance of Crimean self-determination. US Secretary of State John Kerry actually ordered Putin to prevent the referendum and stop Crimean’s from exercising self-determination.

Obama’s speech on March 26 at the Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels is surreal. It is beyond hypocrisy. Obama says that Western ideals are challenged by self-determination in Crimea. Russia, Obama says, must be punished by the West for permitting Crimean’s to exercise self-determination. The return of a Russian province on its own volition to its mother country where it existed for 200 years is presented by Obama as a dictatorial, anti-democratic act of tyranny. 

Here was Obama, whose government has just overthrown the elected, democratic government of Ukraine and substituted stooges chosen by Washington in the place of the elected government, speaking of the hallowed ideal that “people in nations can make their own decisions about their future.” That is exactly what Crimea did, and that is exactly what the US coup in Kiev contravened. In the twisted mind of Obama, self-determination consists of governments imposed by Washington.

Here was Obama, who has shredded the US Constitution, speaking of “individual rights and rule of law.” Where is this rule of law? It is certainly not in Kiev where an elected government was overthrown with force. It is certainly not in the United States where the executive branch has spent the entirety of the new 21st century establishing government above the law. Habeas corpus, due process, the right to open trials and determination of guilt by independent jurors prior to imprisonment and execution, the right to privacy have all been overturned by the Bush/Obama regimes. Torture is against US and international law; yet Washington set up torture prisons all over the globe.

How is it possible that the representative of the war criminal US government can stand before an European audience and speak of

“rule of law,” “individual rights,” “human dignity,” “self-determination,” “freedom,” without the audience breaking out in laughter?

Washington is the government that invaded and destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq on the basis of lies. Washington is the government that financed and organized the overthrow of the Libyan and Honduran governments and that is currently attempting to do the same thing to Syria and Venezuela. Washington is the government that attacks with drones and bombs populations in the sovereign countries of Pakistan and Yemen. Washington is the government that has troops all over Africa. Washington is the government that has surrounded Russia, China, and Iran with military bases. It is this warmongering collection of Washington war criminals that now asserts that it is standing up for international ideals against Russia.

No one applauded Obama’s nonsensical speech. But for Europe to accept such blatant lies from a liar without protest empowers the momentum toward war that Washington is pushing.

Obama demands more NATO troops to be stationed in
Eastern Europe to “contain Russia.

 “Obama said that a build-up of military forces on Russia’s borders would reassure Poland and the Baltic states that, as NATO members, they will be protected from Russian aggression. This nonsense is voiced by Obama despite the fact that no one expects Russia to invade Poland or the Baltic countries.

Obama doesn’t say what effect the US/NATO military build-up and numerous war games on Russia’s border will have on Russia. Will the Russian government conclude that Russia is about to be attacked and strike first? The reckless carelessness of Obama is the way wars start.

Declaring that “freedom isn’t free,” Obama is putting pressure on Western Europe to pony up more money for a military build-up to confront Russia.   See here…

The position of the government in Washington and its puppet states (Eastern and Western Europe, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Georgia, Japan) and other allies purchased with bags full of money is that Washington’s violation of international law by torturing people, by invading sovereign countries on totally false pretences, by routinely overthrowing democratically elected governments that do not toe the Washington line is nothing but the “indispensable and exceptional country” bringing “freedom and democracy to the world.” But Russia’s acceptance of the self-determination of Crimean people to return to their home country is “a violation of international law.”

Just what international law has Washington and its puppets not violated?

Obama, whose government in the past few years has bullied Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon, Iran, Honduras, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Venezuela and is now trying to bully Russia, actually declared that “bigger nations can not simply bully smaller ones.” What does Obama and his speech writers think Washington has been doing for the entirety of the 21st century?

Who can possibly believe that Obama, whose government is responsible for the deaths of people every day in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, and Syria, cares a whit about democracy in Ukraine. Obama overthrew the Ukrainian government in order to be able to stuff the country into NATO, throw Russia out of its Black Sea naval base, and put US missile bases in Ukraine on Russia’s border. Obama is angry that his plan didn’t pan out as intended, and he is taking his anger and frustration out on Russia.

As the delusion takes hold in Washington that the US represents idealism standing firmly against Russian aggression, delusion enabled by the presstitute media, the UN General Assembly vote, and Washington’s string of puppet states, self-righteousness rises in Washington’s breast.

With rising self-righteousness will come more demands for punishing Russia, more demonization of Russia and Putin, more lies echoed by the presstitutes and puppets. Ukrainian violence against Russian residents is likely to intensify with the anti-Russian propaganda. Putin could be forced to send in Russian troops to defend Russians.

Why are people so blind that they do not see Obama driving the world to its final war?

Just as Obama dresses up his aggression toward Russia as idealism resisting selfish territorial ambitions, the English, French, and Americans presented their World War 1 “victory” as the triumph of idealism over German and Austrian imperialism and territorial ambitions. But at the Versailles Conference the Bolsheviks (the Tsar’s government failed to gain the Straits and instead lost the country to Lenin) “revealed the existence of the notorious Secret Treaties embodying as sordid a program of territorial pilfering as can be found in the history of diplomacy. It appears that the chief actual motives of the Entente in the World War were the seizure of Constantinople and the Straits for Russia; not only the return of Alsace-Lorraine to France, but the securing of the west bank of the Rhine, which would have involved the seizure of territory historically far longer connected with Germany than Alsace-Lorraine had ever been with France; the rewarding of Italian entry into the War by extensive territory grabbed away from Austria and the Jugo-Slavs; and the sequestering of the German imperial possessions, the acquisition of the German merchant marine and the destruction of the German navy in the interest of increasing the strength of the British Empire” (Barnes, pp. 691-692). The American share of the loot was seized German and Austrian investments in the US.

The secret British, Russian, and French aims of the war were hidden from the public, which was whipped up with fabricated propaganda to support a war whose outcomes were far different from the intentions of those who caused the war. People seem unable to learn from history. We are now witnessing the world again being led down the garden path by lies and propaganda, this time in behalf of American world hegemony.


Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. His latest book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West is now available.


CONFIRMED: NATO’s Plans for False Flag Attack on Turkey Revealed





Tony Cartalucci 
Land Destroyer

March 28, 2014

It has been revealed that NATO has been planning a false flag attack against Turkey to justify the Turkish invasion of northern Syria, the International Business Times reported in its article, “Turkey YouTube Ban: Full Transcript of Leaked Syria ‘War’ Conversation Between Erdogan Officials.”

Image: Turkish Military (Wiki Commons).

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ban of YouTube occurred after a leaked conversation between Head of Turkish Intelligence Hakan Fidan and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu that he wanted removed from the video-sharing website.It released the full transcript of a leaked conversation between the head of Turkish intelligence Hakan Fidan and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. The Times reported:

The leaked call details Erdogan’s thoughts that an attack on Syria “must be seen as an opportunity for us [Turkey]“.

In the conversation, intelligence chief Fidan says that he will send four men from Syria to attack Turkey to “make up a cause of war”.

Deputy Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Yaşar Güler replies that Fidan’s projected actions are “a direct cause of war…what you’re going to do is a direct cause of war”.

Turkey’s foreign ministry said the leaked recording of top officials discussing the Syria operation was “partially manipulated” and is a “wretched attack” on national security.

In the leaked video, Fidan is discussing with Davutoğlu, Güler and other officials a possible operation within Syria to secure the tomb of Suleyman Shah, grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman empire.

The Western media has purposefully obsessed myopically over Turkey’s ban of Twitter and Facebook and leaks regarding “corruption,” in an attempt to sidestep conversations revealing Turkey, a NATO member for decades, planning a false flag attack that would lead to an intentionally provoked war with neighbouring Syria.

This comes as Turkey provides air support, logistics, and artillery cover for members of the US State Department designated terrorist group Al Nursa who have been leading an ongoing offensive from Turkish territory into Syria’s northwestern province of Latakia.

Since the operation began days ago, Turkey has fired on and shot down a Syrian warplane that was targeting Al Nusra militants in Syrian territory. While Turkey claims the warplane violated Turkish airspace, the plane crashed in Syrian territory, and the pilot ejected and was recovered on Syrian soil. The incident has been used by Turkey to lay the rhetorical groundwork to further escalate tensions between Ankara and Damascus, most likely in an attempt to serve as an impetus for war instead of NATO’s riskier false flag operation.

Turkey’s belligerent posture in the north of Syria is matched by a joint US-Saudi offensive in the south, near the Syrian-Jordanian border city of Daraa. Called the “Southern Front,” the offensive appears to already have been neutralized by Syrian security forces.

Regarding the creation of the “Southern Front,” the US corporate-funded policy think tank, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, even stated in its post, “Does the “Southern Front” Exist?,” that:

Rather than an initiative from the rebels themselves, word is that it was foreign officials that called on rebel commanders to sign a statement declaring their opposition to extremism, saying it was a precondition for getting more guns and money. Since beggars can’t be choosers, the commanders then collectively shrugged their shoulders and signed—but not so much to declare a new alliance as to help U.S. officials tick all the right boxes in their reports back home, hoping that this would unlock another crate of guns.

With the “Southern Front” arriving on the battlefield stillborn, and NATO resorting to false flag attacks in blatant support of Al Qaeda-affiliated terror organizations, the West’s desperation in what appears to be a strategic “last gasp” is palpable.


Has a plague already arrived? 205 Americans die each day after acquiring superbug hospital infections





Mike Adams
Natural News

March 31, 2014

If a jumbo jet crashed into the ocean every single day, it would roughly equal the number of Americans who die each day following superbug infections acquired at U.S. hospitals. Far from being some hyped-up scare story, that’s actually the conclusion of none other than the CDC, which has now publicly warned that 1 in 25 hospital patients gets infected and tens of thousands die each year.


“On any given day, 1 in 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection,” reports the CDC newsroom.

“The CDC’s 2011 survey of 183 hospitals showed that an estimated 648,000 patients nationwide suffered 721,000 infections, and 75,000 of them died,” reports the Washington Post.

If you do the math, that comes out to 205 deaths per day, on average, in U.S. hospitals.

Keep in mind that if terrorists were killing 205 Americans per day, every news network in the country would cover the story 24/7. If airplane crashes were killing 205 Americans per day, it would be headline news everywhere, and if vitamins were killing even just 1 person a day, the entire government would be calling to “ban all vitamins!”

But when hospital superbug infections result in the deaths of 205 Americans per day, it is simply another statistic and not treated as a national emergency. Somehow, the annual death of 75,000 Americans is considered “business as usual” in a sick-care system that virtually everyone considers a disastrous failure.

A hospital is one of the most dangerous places you can go in America

What these numbers prove is that a hospital is a very dangerous place. Simply entering the hospital for a seemingly routine surgical procedure can result in your death. I personally know of many people who entered the hospital to undergo elective, non-emergency surgery and then never came out alive.

And who is the most likely person to infect you in a hospital? Your doctor, of course. The very people who claim to be state-licensed authorities on all things related to health are actually carriers of deadly disease who routinely (and inadvertently) infect new patients with extremely dangerous microbes. They don’t do this on purpose, of course, but neither do they take the precautions necessary to prevent it.

Hand washing practices, for example are routinely ignored by most medical staff. In fact, a study commissioned by the licensing body for U.S. hospitals found that poor sanitation practices by hospital staff kills 247 patients each day across America. The study found “that doctors and nurses washed their hands only 30 to 70 percent of the time that they entered or exited a patient’s room.”

Doctors and hospitals refuse to embrace colloidal silver, antimicrobial copper, or medicinal herbs

By definition, “superbugs” like c. diff are completely resistant to modern antibiotic drugs. All of Big Pharma’s chemicals are useless against them. And because conventional medicine completely disregards the antibacterial power of colloidal silver, copper, garlic or antibacterial herbs, patients are never given those treatment options. As a result, a superbug infection almost always means death when you’re in the hospital. This is a case where the ignorance of conventional medicine can literally get you killed.

As it turns out, doctors and hospitals have no clue how to stop superbug infections, so they leave patients to die. And they die by the hundreds each day: over 200 daily in the United States alone. The CDC isn’t even trying to hide this statistic. They’re claiming, in fact, that they are “making progress” on this front when in truth they have already lost the war.

The era of chemical antibiotics is over

The great failure of modern medicine is that it invented and unleashed the vehicle of our own medical self destruction: antibiotics. These patented chemicals were once heralded as “miraculous cures” but have now thrust humanity to the brink of medical self-destruction. Soon, a simple infection entering your body from a minor scrape or cut may prove deadly, with doctors having run out of prescription chemical weapons to use against it.

And then, every routine surgery will be a life-and-death matter. This includes cosmetic surgery, gallbladder removal surgery and of course emergency room trauma surgery.

As I wrote in September of 2013:

The coming plague will not be stopped by drugs: CDC now admits era of antibiotics at an end as bacteria out-wit drug companies. The whole approach of fighting bugs with isolated chemicals was doomed to fail from the start, of course, since Mother Nature adapts to chemical threats far more quickly than drug companies can roll out new chemicals.

Sadly, the very approach of using an isolated chemical to combat disease is rooted in a 1950′s mentality that has nearly reached its endpoint in the history of medicine. The CDC all but admits this now, saying the era of antibiotics is nearing its end. “If we are not careful, we will soon be in a post-antibiotic era” – Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the CDC.

Every day, 205 Americans die from the after effects of antibiotics. Sure, antibiotics saved a lot of lives in the short term, but how many lives will they kill in the long run? Because sooner or later, a superbug plague may emerge that burns through the population, unstoppable by vaccines and antibiotics. The official cover story will likely be that the plague was a bioweapon released by terrorists, but the real, sobering truth is that it’s just a runaway superbug nurtured into existence by the careless over-use of antibiotics.


BBC: Lets slip on Government Planning False Flag Attack


Establishment press in stunning display of
spin & censorship


Paul Joseph Watson

March 31, 2014

Turkish government officials were caught red-handed in a leaked audio tape planning a false flag terror attack as a pretext to invade Syria, but the mainstream media completely buried the key aspect of the story and made it all about Prime Minister Erdogan blocking YouTube.

Watch the BBC report filed on YouTube here…


Preparing for calamity in these times of Uncertainty…