General Information

Welcome to Podshelter.


We have researched and identified the world’s best portable low-cost construction which offers security, and warmth with convenience and versatility.

The designs are based on an Internationally Patented revolutionary but simple design concepts, capable of providing storage, and emergency or permanent shelter in an location.

The Podshelter domes have bridged the gap from tents, caravans or trailers, to the more traditionally built framed houses.

Podshelters are constructed from a high-tech aerospace composite material, and manufactured in a range of sizes, colours, and can be insulated to any level of protection requirements, dependant upon the location and climateic conditions – from the extremes of desert heat, to antarctic sub-zero conditions.

  • hurricane/typhoon strength winds
  • flooding
  • earthquakes
  • or for any other life threatening emergency or natural disaster


Also ideal for people working in remote locations, and suitable for those displaced by natural disaster, or as either a temporary or even permanent shelter from the elements by providing a robust, warm, dry and secure environment.

Podshelter domes are not only ideal for temporary and/or emergency situations, but also have more permanent applications as well.

Podshelter domes can be placed anywhere, and deployed as remote research stations, quarantine shelters, and DOC observatories or hiking track huts, and even for displaced communities for the homeless, and many more applications.

Construction is simple, with simple assembly achieved in just a couple of hours by three untrained people.

The seperate conponent prefabricated pieces are supplied as a dome kit, and can easily fit in the back of a pick up truck, flat deck trailer, or carried into remote regions by small helicopter using a net or sling